Hello Winter

I wore this to work on Friday, usually reserved for jeans and sneakers (not that we actually have an office dress code) but some times I just feel like dressing up a bit more. This sweater has matte sequins and they are not as shiny as the regular ones, thankfully, otherwise in this light I'd probably be a walking disco ball.

Loved this sweater so much I have it in black too. Took me a while to find them.. they are from Mango last year. These neutral colours are so versatile and go with everything, from denim overalls to coloured jeans and of course my favourite pants at the moment.. I have to confess I'm wearing a not-so-glamourous pair of tights underneath - we're now officially in Winter!

The weekend has been full of stories! W and I went to see Stories, Then and Now at the Carraigeworks where 6 Asian Australians talk about their family's past and how they came to be here. I also simultaneously got hooked on the HBO series In Treatment (based on Israeli series Be'Tipul), which features a psychologist and his weekly sessions with different patients from Monday-Thursday and on Friday he sees his own therapist to unload. I think it's brilliantly written - totally hooked despite it being mostly filmed in one location (the doctor's office) - great dialogue gets me every time!

Light is beautiful this time of year and we took some photos late afternoon.. these boots are AW12 I think. I've had them for a while. They seem to me a tamer version of these Givenchy ones that I still want but probably can't walk in. I always prefer boots with pants ( hood equestrian obsession) but the contrasting toe on these mostly make me look like I'm wearing flares so here I wore them with my DIY skirt, which while I'm still proud of, I've also just noticed that maybe they're cut a bit shorter in the front.. oops :)

Sorry for the lack of online activity of late - managed to catch W's cold and generally just laying a bit low in hopes of a speedy recovery! In the last week I've mostly been fervently juicing up and trying to boost my immune system with all kinds of fruit and veg; fave combination so far being orange/celery/apple/ginger.. which has helped to some degree. I've been quite obsessed with the idea of juicing, so I went and bought myself one of these. Mum's had one for over a decade now and it makes the best juices ever!

Here's an outfit from the weekend where I threw on my thickest, chunkiest knit and probably over-dressed for the warm-ish 24c weather we had. This crepe jacket was a love-at-first-sight purchase when I first spotted it in store in Sydney, then I got home and realised that it was much cheaper online (?) so I returned it and bought another. Definitely worth the wait for it to get posted over. The longer front and oversized cut is just perfect to throw on top of everything - I'm wearing my usual size 10 (UK/AU) - even surprisingly roomy enough to throw over this Alexander Wang knit with it's chunky sleeves. (Here's when I wore that knit last on the blog.)

And now I just need to find myself a pair of gloves.. :)