Bread and Butter

I am starting to lose interest in work. Not as a concept on a whole but specifically what I am doing. If anything I'd be the one person who takes pride in the final results of my work but with the shitload of responsibility and work I am being handed, it's fucking impossible to live up to my own standards. And I hate it. It's not even a reasonable amount of work for what I'm getting paid. Am starting to wonder if this is the reason you're all cynics. And why no one ever works for Passion, because Passion is fun but at the end of the day it doesn't pay bills.

Right this second it feels like someone just gave me a wakeup call... welcome to the working world.

Had the best week catching up with friends from KL and my cousin from Canada that I last saw in 2000. My family is pretty large and scattered so these meetings don't happen quite often enough. Leaving for KL again in a couple of weeks and really looking forward it because W's coming with me this time round and I really want to share my hometown with him!

Bought this dress during my last KL trip with this hot humid weather in mind and so far it hasn't let me down. On cooler days I style it with a biker jacket thrown on top. I've been contemplating this mesh bag for ages too, and finally caved. Not the biggest fan of putting my possessions on show but really I love the structure the leather lends it.

In the meantime Summer's been going really well here and I had yesterday off rather unexpectedly due to office renovations taking a bit longer than we'd anticipated. I could definitely get used to my weeks starting like this except my to do list is getting long quickly.. Hope your week is off to a great start!

Enjoying the long Easter weekend and ending it at the MCA once more, for today is the last ever day that the work of luminary artist Anish Kapoor will be shown here. Definitely one of the cooler shows that I've seen and feeling aptly inspired. Of course I just couldn't help myself and took a lot of photos which I will post up here next :) In the meantime here are some photos that W took of me today - we spied a nice sliver of light just as we were walking out. I'm going to miss having these perfectly warm afternoons in Sydney..

I tried my hand at transitional dressing today but the weather got the better of me. I didn't realise 30c days were still a possibility one month into Autumn! Kind of regretted wearing this sweater about five minutes after leaving home and was quite seriously considering taking it off.. haha.. but I love that it will be indispensable in the months to come. Worn here with my DIY skirt, and the blue version of this bag I wore when I was in KL that I'm still a little obsessed with!