Video Marketing: The First Page of Google Search Results

The Google Video Marketing Strategy

video-marketing-google-searchEvery company or website wants to be online and be easily discovered by potential customers. Back in the day when Google was not yet the ‘Lord of the Internet’ sprouted like mushrooms and several search engines like Yahoo (90s), AltaVista, Lycos, Overture, Excite, and AskJeeves to name a few was not able to show relevant results when used to search for companies using keywords. Then came Google and every other search engine got kicked to the curb. With its innovative use of algorithm to rank pages by their relevance and content, searching the internet became easier and the results of the search more accurate.

Since a lot of websites are being born every minute as we speak, Google has to rank all of these pages and this is where the competition begins. Google has evolved its use of algorithm and has released several updates to ensure that sites being ranked have quality, relevant content, and all the standards that meet their requirements.

If a website wants to be noticed by customers and wants to gain a considerable amount of traffic to gain leads, the site has to appear on the first page of the Google search results. Why? Studies have proven that people only tend to check the results of the first page then just ignore the succeeding results of the second page. Another thing is that those results in the first page of the Google search results get 91.5% of Google traffic. So who says it’s lonely at the top?

Now, in order to be ahead of the competition and be able to appear on the first page of the Google search results, the best thing to do is to use video. Yes, video marketing is the solution. A website has a 53% chance of showing up on the first page of the Google search results when there is a video on their site, especially on the homepage. No black hat tricks, it’s all organic.

Many website owners are apprehensive of using video on their sites fearing the cost of video production but there is a way to get a video without breaking the bank. By using whiteboard animation, a website can yield the desired results at half the cost because whiteboard animation videos are an inexpensive yet effective way to market content online. Google does not take into consideration the cost of video production when ranking videos – it can be as expensive as a Hollywood flick or a cost-effective whiteboard animation video.


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