The YouTube Power of Video Marketing

Using YouTube to Market Videos

youtube-power-video-marketingYouTube has about 9,905,818 followers and is considered the largest video blogging site. With video marketing being the latest trend in content marketing today, a lot of companies still hasn’t utilized this website to promote their animation and explainer videos.

There are still those websites that have not realized the power of YouTube, many video bloggers like PewDiePie (29,965,626 subscribers and 5,691,668,234 channel views) and Ray William Johnson (10,710.214 subscribers and 2,701,666,486 channel views) have all become internet superstars by just uploading their videos on YouTube.

When videos go viral on YouTube, the ads come in and ads generate income. Not only does a website have to rely on conversions done on the site, YouTube will also help bring in traffic and income – a win-win situation. Another good thing is that YouTube is owned by Google which will be beneficial in increasing the page rank of a website.

Most sites only have a video or two on their website and fear that this is not enough to promote on YouTube. There are ways to mitigate this, either by affiliating with other channels or monetizing a channel (paid advertising on YouTube) to spread the video. Keywords on the title and description are also major factors in contributing to the success of posting a video on YouTube. It’s not just the quantity but also the quality of the video that matters. A site can still achieve success with a video or two.

A major reason why some site owners avoid producing video is because of the cost. A standard video can indeed be expensive but a surefire way to produce or create many videos is to utilize whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard animation videos are also known as explainer videos, cartoon videos, and doodle videos are a form of video that utilizes hand drawn animation and cartoons to explain a service, an idea, or a message. These videos are cost-effective to produce and will help the video marketing strategy of a website. Post as many videos on YouTube and be discovered by the target audience.

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