Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

Getting Started With Video Marketing

jumpstart-video-marketing-strategySince video marketing is a surefire way to get traffic and conversions, a lot of online companies and websites are more than willing to implement this online content marketing strategy. How does one get started?

Content marketing can either be done in-house or outsourced meaning either the website/company owner or his team can do the marketing themselves if the budget is tight or hire an internet marketer if there are enough funds to spare. Experienced internet marketers have the skills and knowledge of how to strategize and market a company or site and they are quite expensive.

For in-house content marketing, here are a few tips on how to get started with video marketing:

  • First get a list of things a customer, a lead, or business colleagues would ask about your business. Being aware about these questions and having an answer for all it would be an advantage because you can strategize a way to present your video and know what things to put in it
  • Second, time to get in front of the camera. Try to get someone you know, someone whom you are comfortable with to interview you in front of the camera. People tend to freeze on get stage fright when in front of the lens so it is important to build up your confidence. If you are not confident enough it shows on the video and it would build credibility with your audience.

In the event that your budget is constrained and you are not confident getting in front of the camera to make a video, the best thing to do is to hire a video production company. Hiring a video production company to produce a video for marketing may sound expensive but it is not if whiteboard animation is used to create the video.

Whiteboard animation videos cost less than standard videos and take half the time to make yet it is very effective in terms of video marketing. It’s like hitting more than 2 birds with one stone because it provides a solution.

The moment the video is created, sign up for social sites like YouTube, TubeMogul, PixelPipe, and HeySpread. The other sites mentioned after YouTube will spread the video across several sites and help generate traffic into your site, just make sure that your video has a description that links back to your site. Imagine, with just one video it can be spread to 20 sites and those 20 sites are linked back to your site which will greatly improve your Google Page rank.


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