The YouTube Power of Video Marketing

Using YouTube to Market Videos

youtube-power-video-marketingYouTube has about 9,905,818 followers and is considered the largest video blogging site. With video marketing being the latest trend in content marketing today, a lot of companies still hasn’t utilized this website to promote their animation and explainer videos.

There are still those websites that have not realized the power of YouTube, many video bloggers like PewDiePie (29,965,626 subscribers and 5,691,668,234 channel views) and Ray William Johnson (10,710.214 subscribers and 2,701,666,486 channel views) have all become internet superstars by just uploading their videos on YouTube.

When videos go viral on YouTube, the ads come in and ads generate income. Not only does a website have to rely on conversions done on the site, YouTube will also help bring in traffic and income – a win-win situation. Another good thing is that YouTube is owned by Google which will be beneficial in increasing the page rank of a website.

Most sites only have a video or two on their website and fear that this is not enough to promote on YouTube. There are ways to mitigate this, either by affiliating with other channels or monetizing a channel (paid advertising on YouTube) to spread the video. Keywords on the title and description are also major factors in contributing to the success of posting a video on YouTube. It’s not just the quantity but also the quality of the video that matters. A site can still achieve success with a video or two.

A major reason why some site owners avoid producing video is because of the cost. A standard video can indeed be expensive but a surefire way to produce or create many videos is to utilize whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard animation videos are also known as explainer videos, cartoon videos, and doodle videos are a form of video that utilizes hand drawn animation and cartoons to explain a service, an idea, or a message. These videos are cost-effective to produce and will help the video marketing strategy of a website. Post as many videos on YouTube and be discovered by the target audience.

Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

Getting Started With Video Marketing

jumpstart-video-marketing-strategySince video marketing is a surefire way to get traffic and conversions, a lot of online companies and websites are more than willing to implement this online content marketing strategy. How does one get started?

Content marketing can either be done in-house or outsourced meaning either the website/company owner or his team can do the marketing themselves if the budget is tight or hire an internet marketer if there are enough funds to spare. Experienced internet marketers have the skills and knowledge of how to strategize and market a company or site and they are quite expensive.

For in-house content marketing, here are a few tips on how to get started with video marketing:

  • First get a list of things a customer, a lead, or business colleagues would ask about your business. Being aware about these questions and having an answer for all it would be an advantage because you can strategize a way to present your video and know what things to put in it
  • Second, time to get in front of the camera. Try to get someone you know, someone whom you are comfortable with to interview you in front of the camera. People tend to freeze on get stage fright when in front of the lens so it is important to build up your confidence. If you are not confident enough it shows on the video and it would build credibility with your audience.

In the event that your budget is constrained and you are not confident getting in front of the camera to make a video, the best thing to do is to hire a video production company. Hiring a video production company to produce a video for marketing may sound expensive but it is not if whiteboard animation is used to create the video.

Whiteboard animation videos cost less than standard videos and take half the time to make yet it is very effective in terms of video marketing. It’s like hitting more than 2 birds with one stone because it provides a solution.

The moment the video is created, sign up for social sites like YouTube, TubeMogul, PixelPipe, and HeySpread. The other sites mentioned after YouTube will spread the video across several sites and help generate traffic into your site, just make sure that your video has a description that links back to your site. Imagine, with just one video it can be spread to 20 sites and those 20 sites are linked back to your site which will greatly improve your Google Page rank.


Video Marketing: The First Page of Google Search Results

The Google Video Marketing Strategy

video-marketing-google-searchEvery company or website wants to be online and be easily discovered by potential customers. Back in the day when Google was not yet the ‘Lord of the Internet’ sprouted like mushrooms and several search engines like Yahoo (90s), AltaVista, Lycos, Overture, Excite, and AskJeeves to name a few was not able to show relevant results when used to search for companies using keywords. Then came Google and every other search engine got kicked to the curb. With its innovative use of algorithm to rank pages by their relevance and content, searching the internet became easier and the results of the search more accurate.

Since a lot of websites are being born every minute as we speak, Google has to rank all of these pages and this is where the competition begins. Google has evolved its use of algorithm and has released several updates to ensure that sites being ranked have quality, relevant content, and all the standards that meet their requirements.

If a website wants to be noticed by customers and wants to gain a considerable amount of traffic to gain leads, the site has to appear on the first page of the Google search results. Why? Studies have proven that people only tend to check the results of the first page then just ignore the succeeding results of the second page. Another thing is that those results in the first page of the Google search results get 91.5% of Google traffic. So who says it’s lonely at the top?

Now, in order to be ahead of the competition and be able to appear on the first page of the Google search results, the best thing to do is to use video. Yes, video marketing is the solution. A website has a 53% chance of showing up on the first page of the Google search results when there is a video on their site, especially on the homepage. No black hat tricks, it’s all organic.

Many website owners are apprehensive of using video on their sites fearing the cost of video production but there is a way to get a video without breaking the bank. By using whiteboard animation, a website can yield the desired results at half the cost because whiteboard animation videos are an inexpensive yet effective way to market content online. Google does not take into consideration the cost of video production when ranking videos – it can be as expensive as a Hollywood flick or a cost-effective whiteboard animation video.


Increase Conversion Rates By Using Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation Videos

increase-conversion-rates-whiteboard-animation-videosOnline businesses implement different strategies in to order to drive traffic to their website. Some websites set up blogs, submit to web directories, set PPC, Bing, Facebook and Adwords campaigns, and establish affiliate links with other sites just to make people to visit their site. Different strokes for different folks ring true when it comes to marketing online but usually content marketing is king when it comes to strategizing and luring all that potential leads and customers to these sites.

The major reason why business owners want traffic to their site is because they want to offer a service or a product. Getting traffic is one thing but making a sale or conversion is another. Site owners and marketers would usually lead traffic to either the landing page, homepage, or sales page of a website hoping visitors would be persuaded and either sign up or purchase something. This is easier said than done. A lot of lead pages and sales pages do not deliver what is promised. The website may be receiving an enormous amount of traffic but without any conversions being made, all the effort is being wasted. It’s like pouring water into a bucket with a hole and expecting it to be filled to the brim.

One way to alleviate this problem and improve the conversion rate of a site is to implement the use of whiteboard animation videos on the sales pages, lead pages, or whatever page of the site where the site owner wants the conversion to be done. Whiteboard animation videos are a great tool to increase the conversion rate because it can do the sales talk to potential customers without sounding too ‘salesy’.

Whiteboard animation videos are able to tap into the emotions of viewers. A viewer can empathize with a scenario or a storyline; something may have similarly happened to them or they may have realized that they needed this service or product and because their emotions have been piqued they are easily persuaded to avail and transform from just being a lead in the sales funnel into a conversion.

Another good thing about whiteboard animation videos aside from being effective sales tools is that these videos are cost effective to produce and takes only half the time to make as compared to traditional video.

Instead of wasting all those valuable traffic and leads, make these visitors successful conversions by utilizing whiteboard animation videos. Let these videos sell whatever it is your site is selling or offering and achieve 9 times more with your conversion rates.

The Wonderful Colorful World of Cartoon Videos

Cartoon Videos and Video Marketing

cartoon-videosThere was a time cartoons were for kids’ entertainment. There was even that period in time before cable had the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon that cartoons was a mere staple of Saturday mornings. Those good old days when the most popular cartoon videos were the earlier versions of the Justice League, Thunder Cats, Rainbow Brite, and all the oldies but goodies entertained not just the young kids but also the young at heart.

Cartoon videos can easily captivate a kid’s attention and most often children learn things and become creative by watching videos. It turns out that cartoon videos not only work with children but with adults as well. Guess all of us never lost that mystique of watching cartoon videos because these videos really work especially when used for video marketing.

Maybe it was indeed due to watching all those cartoon characters that people tend to pay attention when watching a cartoon advertisement. Could it be the colors, the overall concept, the characters, or the story that keeps the audience mesmerized? Online marketers seemed to have tapped this gold mine of a strategy in vying for the attention of the target market.

Since video marketing is the latest trend in online content marketing, a lot of companies are having their own videos produced and the usual videos involve the use of cartoon characters. Cartoon characters are quite versatile because an illustrator/designer/artist can easily change the look of the character and easily come up with a storyboard to present an idea or message that can be easily understood by the viewer.

Cartoon videos are a bit more expensive than the regular whiteboard animation doodle videos but are more effective in terms of attracting attention and these videos do have a sense of appeal that makes a viewer watch a clip again and again.

When marketing a product, service, or idea it is important to keep the attention of the viewer until the end of the video because this is the part where the call to action message is inserted; by using a cartoon explainer video that is not going to be a problem.

If you want a killer video and has the budget to spare, go for the full package and have yourself a customized cartoon video that will surely win the hearts of your viewers and persuade them to avail your service or product.